Masking and Mommy Tasking with the Glow Recipe Jelly Mask

Last week, Glow Recipe (online K-beauty curator) launched their first ever jelly sheet mask, which is an extension of their super popular watermelon moisturizer and sleep mask. I love both of these products and actually bought the watermelon moisturizer for my daughter too. We’re now both super fans! So, of course, when they came out with a new sheet mask, I just had to try it.

The main feature that I wanted to try was the clear jelly material. Before the product launch, the company’s CEOs were advertising the mask on their personal Instagram pages as something that could be integrated into your skin care regimen on-the-go because it’s clear and you can barely tell it’s on. If you haven’t sheet masked before, a masking session will take you anywhere between 10-45 minutes depending on the mask with the average being around 20 minutes so it’s super helpful to have something you can use that doesn’t require you to sit alone in the dark for that time frame. Most masks are made of some cotton material so if you wear it outside around other people, you can easily be mistaken for Jason on Friday the 13th 😱…NOT socializing So, when I got the Glow Recipe mask, I was super excited about seeing if this clear jelly feature actually made masking less noticeable than the other masks out there. I mean, if this worked, I could just mask in my office right before meetings 😁 and no one just walking by would really notice. To test it, I put it on right before I ran my “mommy errands” such as, picking up my middle schooler from school for a doctor’s appointment, buying groceries, etc.

After running around with the mask for obviously longer than the recommended 10 minutes, I reached the conclusion that it is NOT less noticeable than any of the other ones (at least not for my face shape). It’s equally weird to have on as a white sheet mask because the texture is rough and doesn’t contour to my face. It feels like those cheap, clear plastic table cloths that you put on a picnic table and it’s actually a little itchy.

I think at this point, it’s either you’re okay with sheet masking in public or not, it has nothing to do with this jelly mask vs. another one. I personally don’t give a 💩 if people stare while I mask. I’ve put on sheet masks and even bright green seaweed masks on while riding on airplanes, driving to work, etc. Sure, I get stares but no one ever says anything so it doesn’t matter.

Having gotten my fair share of public sheet masking stares, I will say that I got the same stares wearing this compared to any other mask. I thought this would be my solution to sheet masking on-the-go so I could minimize the rubber-necking from curious strangers. But, after running around with this, I don’t think it has much of a competitive advantage over any other mask in that respect.

Furthermore there were a few other issues:

  1. The mask material is thicker than most so it’s just as noticeable as the white ones
  2. It’s split into 2 masks (for top and bottom of the face). For me, I absolutely HATE when masks do this because the bottom half just slides off. To be fair though, I think that’s just a personal issue.
  3. The mask material is not very flexible. Compared to the high-end biocellulose masks made by luxury K-beauty brands like History of Whoo, this had a very K-mart quality feel to me. Video: 
  4. The serum was not as moisturizing as say the Biooxidea masks, which are similar in texture as these and also split the masks in 2. And btw, those masks are about $7/sheet or less if you buy in bulk. The serum in this mask is nothing special compared to any other one and it doesn’t give you much of a glow. If your really want to glow, use active Vitamin C like Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma.

All in all, as a daily (and sometimes even thrice daily) masker, I would put this on my: “omg what was I thinking?!😱” category of sheet mask purchases. And trust me, I have a LOT of sheet masks (see my first box of many below 🤣)

While it was fun to try,  I don’t think it’s a solution to being uncomfortable about public sheet masking as the company’s CEOs advertise. It looks great on them at their chosen selfie angles but as someone who was actually walking around with it, I got the same reaction wearing this as I always have with my white masks, which is: stare, look away, look back again and try to figure out if I have a skin infection. LOL. Without the benefit of the mask actually being more adaptable to on-the-go use, it’s nothing special. It’s just a mask that smells a little like watermelon and is probably meant for 20-year olds because it feels kinda cheap.

If you’re like me and want something that feels more luxurious, appropriate for a  middle aged mom and don’t have a problem with people staring at you, the History of Whoo masks made of biocellulose actually hug the face more and it’s thinner so it’s more malleable. They soak it in this luxurious serum from rare natural products and it truly feels amazing! It’s about twice the cost of this but if you’re going to mask, why spend half the money making your face itch and feel like it’s covered in cheap plastic without any benefit in the end?

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