What does “empowered” mean?

I’m launching my blog, today, on International Women’s Day to emphasize my passion and commitment to being an empowered woman. But what does that mean? Well, based on some profiles on certain social media sites, it means taking a selfie with a provocative look or pose with #womenempowerment as a guise to fish for compliments and “hot” emojis from strangers. But is that really all that an empowered woman is? Well, today, I’m taking a stand and saying absolutely not.

An empowered woman writes her own rules in order to make a meaningful and positive impact in her community to create value. Being empowered means celebrating who you are while having the courage to share your passion with others in hopes of planting a seed that will continue your mission long after you’re gone. Most importantly, a truly empowered woman will share what makes her feel empowered with those around her in order to help encourage and motivate because an empowered woman knows that the power of a community is stronger than the power of one.

It is my hope that by sharing stories with you, I can inspire you to share your own, whether here or in your own communities, about why you are empowered. We were not born empowered, instead it is our life lessons that gave us the gift of empowerment and it is through our stories that we can inspire and empower each other. As a mom raising two daughters, I know that we can do better than selfies with #womenempowerment. In fact, we need to do better if not for us then for the daughters who follow us.

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